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— Alec Head receives the Longines Replica Watches and IFHA International Award of Merit 2014.
Trophée du Mérite International Longines et FIAH 2014

The Longines and IFHA International Award of Merit 2014 was awarded to Alec Head at a ceremony in Paris on 6 October 2014. The Frenchman, a leading figure in his country’s horseracing industry, has enjoyed enormous success as a jockey, trainer, owner and breeder over the course of a career spanning several decades.

The trophy, accompanied by an elegant Longines Fake Watches UK, was presented to Mr Head by Mr Juan-Carlos Capelli, Vice-President and Head of International Marketing at Longines, and Mr Louis Romanet, President of the IFHA, during a ceremony specially held to mark the occasion.

Longines is the Official Partner and the Official Watch of the IFHA, as well as the Title Partner in the Longines World’s Best Racehorses Rankings. Once a year the Longines and IFHA International Award of Merit is awarded, paying tribute to the career of a figure from the horseracing world.

In order to mark this outstanding collaboration that contributes so much to the prestige of horseracing, Longines has presented IFHA with a Longines Equestrian Lépine timepiece.

This rose gold pocket Rolex Replica Watches UK, dating from 1927 and re-issue, has been produced in a highly exclusive limited edition to mark the Year of the Horse, and reflects the Swiss watch brand’s passion for equestrian sports.This model pays tribute to this legendary animal that is the embodiment of not only prestige, but also elegance and performance, two values close to the heart of the brand known by its winged hourglass logo.


Longines Equestrian Lépine
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