IWC Replica Watches UK Interview with Aloe Blacc

IWC Replica Watches UK — On the occasion of the 9th Laureus Charity Night, in partnership with Swiss Replica IWC, Aloe Blacc gave a private concert and invited the audience on stage.

Having grown up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Aloe Blacc, whose hits “I need a Dollar” and “Wake me Up” have made him famous, is an altruist. For him, generosity, looking out for others and charity are part of the everyday. As a friend of IWC, he is a worthy representative of the brand. For the 9th edition of the Laureus Charity Night, which has been regularly supported by the Schaffhausen-based brand, the artist gave a private concert and invited the audience to join him on stage for the finale.
WorldTempus had the privilege of interviewing him a few hours before the concert.

What was your first watch?
I think my first watch when I was a kid was a Swatch, but I can’t remember which model. As an adult, my first watch was a TAG Heuer Replica Watches.

What does time mean to you? 
Absolutely everything! Time has different notions, whether it is for watchmaking, music or just life in general. But at all levels, time has an impact on our emotions. As far as music is concerned, time is a beat on to which we put some emotion. And this beat conveys something to the person who is listening to it. Furthermore, life is a treasure. Time spent with our family and our friends is a gift. It is extremely important to spend time with those we love!

What image do you have of Swiss watchmaking?
In two words: high quality! In Swiss watchmaking there is a tradition of attention to detail, a strong focus on precision. The fake watches UK are the result of hard work on precision and finesse. In music, it’s the same thing. An unaltered voice of the artist offers a much better quality. It is beautiful in its natural state, without needing to modify it using software.

You have been linked with IWC for a number of years without being a brand ambassador. What exactly is your relationship with the brand?
It started in 2012 when I first met Georges Kern through a friend. After being invited to several IWC events I felt at home. There is a very strong family feeling at the brand. There is also mutual respect, a similar approach to life that aims for quality of life for everyone, at both the environmental and social levels. And because I appreciate IWC’s classic and chic style I was keen to follow the brand.

Your global hit “Wake me up” with Avicii was inspired by your relationship with IWC. Can you tell us more about this?
Yes, absolutely! The inspiration came when I was invited to the SIHH in 2013 by Georges Kern. When you are invited by IWC you are treated like a king. From the plane to the welcome, everything! Every little detail was taken care of, something I had never seen before! So when I got home and sat down on the sofa, I said to myself “That was a dream!”. As a result I wrote “Wake me up when it’s all over”.

You have several IWC Replica Watches models. Which was your first?
I have five, no six, IWC models. My first was the Ingenieur Automatic. But I had that before I became linked with the brand. It was the limited-edition Portugieser that was sold at a Laureus charity auction that sealed our friendship. This is what helped me realise that IWC was not interested solely in profit but also in social and ecological projects.

What do you think of smartwatches? 
Ah! My wife wears a smartwatch and she loves it. Personally, I’m not really interested in them because they do not fit with my mindset. It’s like having a mobile phone on your wrist. It’s not for me. I like classic things. For me, a real watch is one with a mechanical movement.

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Laureus Charity Night © David Biedert

The evening in a nutshell: 1.1 million Swiss francs for charity!
Several lots were auctioned on Saturday evening at the Laureus Charity Night, in aid of the humanitarian organisation that aims to promote personal development and the social and economic integration of underprivileged children and youths, as well as the disabled. The lots included a Mercedes Benz 190 SL W21 from 1960, which was sold for 300,000 Swiss francs, as well as an exclusive IWC Portugieser Tourbillon Mystère Rétrograde Swiss replica watches, which sold for 150,000 Swiss francs. A total of 1.1 million Swiss francs were raised by Laureus and the entire amount will go towards funding the sports promotion projects managed by the Laureus Foundation.

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Mercedes Benz 190 SL W21, 1960 © David Biedert


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