Speake-Marin Only Replica Watches UK 2015

— Taking inspiration from its most emblematic model, the Resilience, Speake-Marin has created an exceptional timepiece for the Only Watch event: ‘One Art’.

Speake-Marin joins the Only replica watches for sale adventure and takes part for the first time in this charity auction by offering a unique timepiece, the Resilience “One Art” watch for the event.

An emblematic Speake-Marin model, the Resilience reproduces the classic stylistic codes of Peter Speake-Marin’s first watch creation, the “Foundation Watch”, including its fluted crown, unique shape of its heat-blued steel hands and drum case. The watch’s mechanism is housed in a Piccadilly case and is easily identifiable by its sleek lines and its timeless design elements. The watch-case was given its name in order to pay tribute to London’s Piccadilly and the years spent by Peter Speake-Marin restoring antique fake Breitling watches in the British capital.

Speake-Marin for Only Watch 2015: The Resilience – One Art.
© Speake-Marin

Speake-Marin has taken its inspiration from the Resilience watch to create a unique timepiece: the “One Art”. Peter Speake-Marin has made this successful TAG Heuer Replica watch model into an exceptional timepiece by paying particular attention to every detail: its red gold seconds hand, its crown set with a sapphire complimenting the blued steel minute and hour hands, and the personalised unique engraving that decorates the case.

Louis Moinet International Chronometry Competition

— Louis Moinet replica watches nominated for the International Chronometry Competition.

Ateliers Louis Moinet, which have just celebrated their tenth anniversary, are among the seven cheap replica rolex UK watchmaking brands selected to defend the quality of their movements at the 2015 International Chronometry Competition. Louis Moinet already won a prize at this event in 2013, for its Mecanograph.

The Competition is the outworking of a long tradition of excellence and Swiss precision, and is organised once every two years with the support of the Besançon Observatory, which carries out all the measurements. The day after the deadline for entries on January 31, 2015, a record 46 replica Breitling watches were found to have been registered!

La pièce inscrite cette année est dans la catégorie Tourbillon : Vertalor. Les premières épreuves qui se sont déroulées la semaine dernière l’ont mise à l’épreuve de la norme The fake watches UK entered this year in the Tourbillon category is the Vertalor. The first tests performed last week measured it against the ISO 3159 standard, used to define the official COSC criteria. Vertalor came through with flying colours, meaning that it can already lay claim to the title of “certified chronometer”. To win the Chronometry Competition in its category, it will now have to prove itself to be more accurate than its rivals.

The results will be announced on October 22, 2015 in the village of Le Sentier, in the municipality of Le Chenit.

Verlator in rose gold replica watches.
© Louis Moinet Swiss replica watches

Fake Hublot Watches UK Big Bang Unico Italia Independent

— Replica Hublot UK officially launched in Paris the new Big Bang Unico Italia Independent fake watches UK models.

As the first men’s replica Rolex watches catwalks get under way for Fashion Week in Paris, Hublot has invited the fashion world to the Palais de Tokyo. Within the walls of Monsieur Bleu, Hublot and Italia Independent officially launched Big Bang Unico Italia Independent.

At first glance, Jean-Claude Biver and Lapo Elkann seem very different and yet, when you hear them speak, the fundamentals are the same. They both understand that you need to communicate an emotion to customers. These two think tanks have given rise to Big Bang Unico Italia Independent and its pair of matching glasses. Both covered in Texalium®, an original material, exclusive to Maison Hublot.

The Big Bang Unico Italia Independent is a 45 mm diameter timepiece in Texalium®, which is bright, shining blue, on a denim bracelet pierced with titanium studs. An interchangeable strap with a “One Click” system. The watch comes with a perfectly matching pair of sunglasses. Dressed in blue or grey, both replica watches UK are a limited edition of 500 pieces.

As part of its ongoing quest for innovative and creative materials, Hublot has added Texalium® to its Art of Fusion portfolio. By combining carbon fiber and aluminum, this composite material can be made in any hue imaginable with a spectacular shine effect. It also maintains the primary asset of carbon fiber: its lightness.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Italia Independent.
©Cheap Vacheron Constantin Replica UK

Cheap Rolex GMT Replica Watches Magazine Architecture Brilliant achievements

— Over and above a shared lexical field, architecture and replica Rolex UK watchmaking share a philosophy upheld by innovation, technical competence and aestheticism. Similarities highlighted by architect Alex Leuzinger.

The cheap Swiss replica watches : Lady 8 Sunstone by Jaquet Droz replica watches

It all started with a mistake made by a Murano glassmaker. From this serendipitous accident, this brilliant, fortuitous stroke of luck, Aventurine glass was born. Since the beginning of the 17th century, this fascinating material has sparkled with a unique brilliance that Jaquet Droz has seized this year all the better to revisit it. The watch brand is offering a new variety inspired by the light output of the sun. The Sunstone (“Pierre de Soleil– or Stone of the Sun”) shines with the light of the gold flakes of which it is made. More refined than ever, the Lady 8 Sunstone stands out from amongst the Jaquet Droz watches bedecked in this new material. Highlighted with diamonds, even the collection’s emblematic ball presiding over the case is made of Sunstone. Precious aesthetics driven by a self-winding movement over which time appears to glide effortlessly.

Lady 8 Sunstone.
© Replica Jaquet Droz UK

Its architectural counterpart : Bruder-Klaus Chapel, Wachendorf by Peter Zumthor

The little chapel dedicated to Bruder Klaus in Wachendorf in Germany was built for a rich local farmer and rises like a tower from the fields. This spiritual work breathes the simplicity of local materials. Construction started in 2005 with 112 tree trunks measuring 12 meters high and built like a tepee, in the style of the typical Indian constructions. At the top, a gap opens onto the sky connecting the external world with the miniscule inside space.

Around the building, a casing filled with concrete has been made by hand by the farmer and his nearest and dearest. The result is a slightly asymmetrical pentagonal shape with a small triangular entrance. Inside, Peter Zumthor has subsequently burnt the trunks and reduced them to ash, providing an amazing result after the ash has been removed. The trunks leave their imprints in the concrete, and the crenelated, blackened surface draws its life from its structure and the history of each tree. Here, the architect has placed glass eyes, bringing brilliant points of light to the burnt surface.

The space created is intriguingly simple and allows an extraordinary intellectual vivacity to shine forth. This minimalistic spirit is to be found in the Cheap Replica Breitling Watches UK, a timepiece which expresses a form of simplicity and, at the same time, the complexity of a creative idea. This spirit of creation, together with know-how and a quest for that which is pure, form the link between these two unique works.

SWISS ARCHITECT PETER ZUMTHOR is the author of this chapel built in the German village of Wachendorf.
© DR Fake Watches

Lady Women stake their claim on previously male territory

— Feminine watchmaking has constantly diversified since watchmakers grasped that women are not only attracted to sparkling, shiny models. Mechanical horology and restrained design are very much in favor with certain models that transcend gender barriers.

Men, women, fashion… Gender-based definitions were undoubtedly simpler a few years ago. From chic tuxedo style suits to shirts, XXL pullovers, boyfriend jeans, and now watches, women are consistently encroaching on men’s turf when it comes to style. The watch industry, although often referred to as fiercely traditional, is certainly not remaining aloof from this overall trend and is indeed very much in tune with the times. Moving on from primarily jewelry Rolex replica watches or the straightforward miniaturization of masculine models, with which women had to make do for many years, a far more varied offer has been steadily emerging which also includes a number of unisex models.

It is now acknowledged that femininity can also be expressed without diamonds and gleefully revels in conveying mixed messages. Take the J12.G10 by Chanel, which diverts the legendary NATO military strap to make it a feminine attribute. A very original approach! In the same way, a sizeable men’s fake Rolex watches on a dainty wrist can doubtless also considerably boost the glam factor.

Chanel J12.G10 NATO Chromatic Bleue

J12.G10 NATO Chromatic Bleue.
© Chanel

Through the looking glass

Watches by H. Moser & Cie are a perfect illustration of this phenomenon, notably with the Venturer collection which has successfully welcomed a Small Seconds model featuring a simple yet extremely eye-catching look. While its classic and frill-free design may carry masculine connotations, plenty of women are showing an interest. Especially since at the heart of this refined aesthetic beats a precise, high-performance movement that also appeals to the ladies. When a watch connoisseur explains that his wife his constantly “stealing his Moser”, it is easy to see why. And because this is doubtless not an isolated case, one can only suggest to the brand that it take a look on the feminine side of the looking glass.

H. Moser & Cie - Venturer Small Seconds

Venturer Small Seconds.
© H. Moser & Cie.

While H. Moser & Cie is not specifically geared towards women, other brands that had hitherto flaunted a testosterone-laden image are now breaking free of gender constraints and clearly eyeing up the feminine market. It’s all about discreetly slipping into feminine territory while maintaining powerfully distinctive identity codes. With the new Portofino Midsize Automatic, IWC now also offers a feminine take on watchmaking. A perfect sprinkling of diamond accents endows the elegant 37 mm cases with a touch of refinement. Depending on the model, the self-winding movement comes equipped with moon-phase Day&Night or date functions that are particularly appreciated by women.

IWC - Portofino Midsize Automatic Moon Phase

Portofino Midsize Automatic Moon Phase.

Breaking free of gender laws

Since it is now clear to all that women are no longer merely interested in straightforward aesthetic exercises, some brands have grasped the value of developing first-rate collections intended for both sexes. The new Harmony collection unveiled by Vacheron Constantin at the SIHH on the occasion of its 260th anniversary admirably demonstrates that feminine customers now (almost) count for as much as their masculine counterparts. Embodying a subtly reinvented expression of the cushion shape, Harmony therefore also comes in two ladies’ models, including a very pretty 260-piece limited-edition chronograph, the first of its kind from Vacheron Constantin.

Vacheron Constantin Harmony Dual Time Petit Modèle

Harmony Dual Time Small Model.
© Vacheron Constantin

In a similar vein of gender uniformity, Cartier also distinguishes itself with its brand-new Clé Swiss replica watches that cleverly reinterprets the aesthetic and functional roles of the crown, which is now handled like a key. Feminine or masculine? The border is definitely blurred, and the elegant, flowing lines of the case forming a round shape within an oval certainly seem to escape any gender laws. In turn feminine or masculine, the variations on the Clé de Cartier are intended for a mixed audience essentially drawn to unostentatious elegance.

Cartier - Clé de Cartier

Clé de Cartier.
© Cartier

At the SIHH 2015, Baume & Mercier played catch-up by introducing the famous Classima for the very first time in a ladies’ version. The understated design of the case has been downsized to a 36.5 mm diameter and enhanced with feminine touches including a mother-of-pearl dial and a few diamonds here and there. These models also offer a choice between a quartz or a mechanical self-winding movement. To equal things out and re-establish a balance of power, some brands even go a step further by offering models in pairs, such as Frédérique Constant with its Index Automatic Pair Collection. Within a couple, cheap replica Breilting watches duos should at least keep both partners happy. That being said…

Frédérique Constant - Index Automatic Pair Collection

Frédérique Constant.
© Frédérique Constant


Vacheron Constantin Swiss Replica Watches First Japan Boutique in Tokyo

— In December, Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches will open its first Boutique in Japan.
Vacheron Constantin boutique Tokyo

The boutique will be located on the main Chuo street in the heart of Ginza, Tokyo. The world-renowned district, offering the most luxurious shopping experience with high-end international boutiques and upscale department stores, is the perfect place for Vacheron Constantin to offer its high level of sophistication and commitment.

With more than 140 square meters, the two floors will be dedicated to horological passion to welcome Breitling Replica watches enthusiasts, collectors, and connoisseurs. Every aspect of pure comfort, sophistication, and luxury is attended in elegant architectural interiors and decorative details, which incorporate both traditional and contemporary elements that reflect the Maison’s spirit. An in-house watchmaker will offer onsite after-sales service.

This first Boutique in Japan will offer the entire range of collections including exclusive Boutique-only models from exceptional high-complication and limited-edition models to regular simple models. Moreover, the Ateliers Cabinotiers will be proposed for clients to entirely customize his or her one-of-a-kind timepiece through collaboration with the Maison.

Three exclusive limited-editions will be launched: Traditionnelle 14-day tourbillon, Traditionnelle, and Overseas Dual Time, to celebrate the opening of this first Boutique in Japan.



Overseas Dual Time, Traditionnelle and Traditionnelle 14-day tourbillon.
© Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches UK – 2015

H. Moser & Cie. The Venturer Tourbillon Dual Time – H. Moser & Cie’s first tourbillon

— The Neuhausen-based brand presents its first-ever tourbillon model in the acclaimed Venturer collection with a double hairspring and an interchangeable tourbillon module.
H. Moser & Cie. Venturer Tourbillon Dual Time

The beautifully understated design and the rich colours of the H. Moser & Cie. Venturer Collection have already captured the hearts of collectors and UK Rolex Replica watches aficionados. The significant new launch today of the Venturer Tourbillon Dual Time adds another “very rare” model to the collection of the company which currently only produces around 1,000 Replica Watches per year.


H. Moser & Cie. Venturer Tourbillon Dual Time

H. Moser & Cie. Venturer Tourbillon Dual Time
© H. Moser & Cie. Swiss Replica Watches

The new model comes in three versions, in 18-carat red or white gold and with the rich tones of a slate, smoked red gold or silvered dial with a sunray pattern. The outer edge of the dial is convex to follow the contours of the convex sapphire crystal inspired by 1960s designs. The understated dial, with its slender red-gold hour markers and hands, has a two-layer construction to accommodate a generous aperture at 6 o’clock to show off the tourbillon cage. The boundary between these two layers, with its chamfered and polished edges, separates the sunray pattern of the main dial from the lower the section with its curved stripes that draw the eye towards the tourbillon carriage, beating beneath its gold bridges.


And it is here that the Omega Replica watches UK is brimming with state-of-the-art technology, in spite of its outwardly classic appearance. H. Moser & Cie. addresses doubts about the utility of the tourbillon (which was originally developed to compensate for the effects of gravity on the balance spring of a pocket Breitling Replica watches in a vertical plane) in a modern wristwatch using a pair of opposing hairsprings produced by its sister company Precision Engineering AG, also based in Neuhausen. The centre of gravity remains in the centre of the springs, since any gravitational effects on one spring are countered by the opposing spring. H. Moser & Cie. also claim a further improvement in isochronism from the reduction in friction associated with the use of two balance springs.


H. Moser & Cie. Venturer Tourbillon Dual Time

The interchangeable tourbillon module of the new H. Moser & Cie. Venturer Tourbillon Dual Time model.
© H. Moser & Cie.

A further innovation makes this simple but effective system all the more ingenious, since the entire tourbillon module, complete with its Straumann Double Hairspring® and screwed balance, is interchangeable, meaning that even a watchmaker without any specific knowledge of tourbillons can service the Fake Watches simply by swapping the pre-assembled tourbillon module. The module is fitted to the HMC 802 calibre, which is wound by a bi-directional gold rotor and offers a power reserve of 72 hours. The movement also offers a discreet dual time function with a central red hour hand that can be displayed or hidden using the crown.

A. Lange & Söhne New apprentices

— On 25 August 2014, twenty young women and men began their watchmaking apprenticeship at A. Lange & Söhne Replica Watches.

The Saxon watch brand’s new training year just began for 20 young women and men. They will be initiated into the secrets of Lange watchmaking artistry during a period of three years. Additionally, two apprentices signed up for training as toolmakers.

A white lab coat with the A. Lange & Söhne signature is mandatory from the very first day. In the coming three years, the new apprentices will learn to assemble and repair mechanical movements, from alarm clocks and grandfather clocks to pocket watches and modern wrist Breitling Replica watches. They will craft their own tools and at the end of their apprenticeships demonstrate their abilities by building a mechanical wristwatch.

A year has passed since they applied for their apprenticeship positions. Previously, at trade fairs and in internships, the youngsters had gained hands-on impressions of what watchmakers do at their workbenches. After passing a comprehensive aptitude test, they were able to sign their employment contracts in January 2014 and then focus on their school-leaving examinations.

Lange CEO Wilhelm Schmid: “To manufacture our highly complext imepieces, we need qualified individuals. That is why we invest in in-house training, which allows us to define the benchmarks and the career milestones. The new apprentices are superbly schooled and highly motivated”. At A. Lange & Söhne Swiss Replica Watches, the aspiring watchmakers benefit from excellent working conditions in a separate building and guaranteed employment for those who achieve grade 2 or better.

Registrations for apprenticeships that begin in 2015 are now being accepted. The first aptitude tests are scheduled for November.